November 25, 2008 General Meeting: President's Report


President’s Report
25 November 2008
Outcomes of Grievances
·         This issue has been referred to the Grievance Sub-Committee of the MRFA Executive for discussion
·         I was unable to consult as planned at the ACIFA Presidents’ Council meeting in October
·         Gerry Cross and I have yet to debrief after the Negotiations Advisory Committee meeting last weekend
General Faculties Council
·         The Special Meeting scheduled for 15 October 2008 to consider the relationship between the MRFA and the GFC lacked quorum and became a discussion instead. At the heart of the issue is GFC’s creation of an Appointments, Promotion and Tenure Committee, chartered with responsibility for developing criteria for promotion and tenure in particular. In its own discussions, the Executive had split evenly in its response to this committee. As expected, members expressed a range of views. At one end of the spectrum, there is a legitimate concern that the work of this committee might encroach on this year’s negotiations process where academic rank is under consideration. At the other end is the view that a faculty-led body can carry on some fruitful discussions as long as the constraints of the collective agreement and priority of the negotiations process are recognized.
·         At the Bylaws and Striking and Executive Committees of GFC, discussion of these issues led to an assurance from Robin Fisher, Provost and VP Academic, that an immediate priority for the new APTC would be to meet with the two negotiating teams to better understand the issues
·         To balance these two perspectives, at the October meeting of GFC I brought a motion to amend the Bylaw creating this new committee to make absolutely clear that its work in the areas of its mandate is constrained by the Collective Agreement and negotiations process. I introduced a second motion on the need for a priority meeting between APTC and the two negotiating committees, but withdrew this once the assurance the two groups would meet had been captured in the GFC minutes.
·         At the November meeting of GFC I will raise a question about the transparency of GFC committee meetings, specifically whether guests may attend and whether agendas and minutes are public.
Upcoming Events
·         Joint MRC/MRFA Speaker Series: Building a Different University
o       Sheldon Levy, President, Ryerson University – What Can Mount Royal Expect from an AUCC Visit? 
§         1 December 2008, 4:40-5:30, Lincoln Park Room
o       Richard Keeling, CEO of Keeling & Associates – Current Concepts: Understanding, Enhancing and Assessing Student Learning
§         3 December 2008, 4:00-6:00, Ross Glen Hall
·         AUCC Visit Rehearsal, 1 December 2008
·         CAUT Senior Grievance Officer Training
o       David Hyttenrauch and Gerry Cross will attend in December
·         AUCC Site Visit, 29-30 January 2009
·         Grievance and Board Training
o       Workshop offered by Terry Sway, ACIFA’s Labour Relations Officer, hosted by the MRFA, Winter 2009, and open to interested members
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