Nominations - AGM 2016

04/12/2016 1:00 pm
05/13/2016 10:00 am

Nominations for MRFA Executive Board and Committee Positions - AGM 2016


Important update: due to an unforeseen midterm vacancy on the Executive Board, nominations for Advocacy Officer are now also being accepted for a one-year term (2016-2017).  The position description document and Executive Board nomination form, available below, have been updated.


Spring Convocation 2016

04/01/2016 3:10 pm


Accessibility Services Exam Seating Reminder

03/29/2016 2:58 pm

 Accessibility Services reminds you that we encourage students to request accommodated exam seatings that overlap with the date and time their final exams are scheduled.

Winter 2016 SEC Save the Dates

03/24/2016 4:11 pm

Tales from the Tenure Binder: What I Wish I'd Known

04/01/2016 2:00 pm

March 2016 MRU Policy Consultations

03/07/2016 2:14 pm
04/05/2016 4:00 pm


Active MRU Policy Consultations

MRFA PD Committee Get Cracking Event

03/07/2016 12:54 pm
04/01/2016 10:00 am


Leading Through Interesting Times

03/03/2016 12:30 pm

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