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The MRFA Faculty Centre offers lunch, catering in the Faculty Centre, and private function catering after hours. Email,, or call, 440.6192, for more information.



There are several ways to keep up to date on what is happening at or affecting MRU, the MRFA and Post Secondary Education more generally: attending General Meetings and reading the Monthly Reports, General Meeting minutes and Executive Board minutes MRFA and MRU announcements and events are compiled and sent out in Weekly Bulletins and are available, in calendar format, online.


The MRFA’s event calendar can now be added to your Google Calendar.  View the MRFA Calendar online. To add it to your calendar click on the image in the bottom right of the screen.  You can also see MRFA, MRU, and local events and deadlines on the calendar anytime at


The MRFA is a member of ACIFA (the Alberta Colleges and Institutes Faculty Associations) and, through, is a federated member of CAUT (the Canadian Association of University Teachers). The primary function of these Associations is to advocate for Post Secondary Education and the rights of faculty members: they provide a voice for faculty at the provincial and federal level, respectively. Visit their websites, linked above, for more information.


The MRFA will be applying for individual membership in CAUT in Spring 2015. 



Through collective bargaining, faculty are eligible to apply for funding from a variety of sources. The forms are available at



The Collective Agreement prescribes the general processes for contract and full time hiring and for tenure and promotion. Specific standards and criteria are developed by department hiring committees and GFC, respectively. For hiring criteria, contact your Chair, and for tenure and promotion criteria, go to – About Mount Royal – Offices and Governance – GFC – Tenure and Promotion Criteria. Tenure and Promotion Guidelines are available online as well.



The grievance process resolves problems around interpreting and/or administering the Collective Agreement. If a member thinks an article in the Collective Agreement has been violated, the MRFA, as a joint partner in the administration of the Agreement, can be consulted: or 440.6192



The Collective Agreement is the only document which protects the terms and conditions of faculty employment in Alberta.



By logging into your member account on you gain access to the MRFA's financial statements and negotiations reports. 



Please see our list of Contract Faculty Benefits in the documents section of



Health care and dental benefit information is available on the Mount Royal University website.

For further information you can contact

Cindy Harmonic

Benefits Administrator

Janet Lovestone
Manager, Employee Services



The forms are available in the Reimbursement Forms section of the website (under Documents).

        The criteria for refunds can be found in the forms and also in the Collective Agreement



The forms for Scholarships for Dependents are always available on our website in the Reimbursement Forms Section. Criteria and deadlines for submission are included in the forms.



Some sections of the website are for members only (i.e.: faculty of Mount Royal University).  Such areas include the Negotiations page and the financial statements. When you get the access denied message please log in to your account to be able to view the page. If you do not have an account please email or call 440-6192 to have an account created for you.



The meeting dates and times are posted under the link Meetings in the upper navigation bar.

Previous meeting minutes can also be found here



View the MRU Governance Chart for a broad view of governance at MRU from the Faculty Perspective. Each committee is linked to its charter.


1. AUCC: The Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada

              An organization that, among other things, provides recommendations for accreditation to colleges and universities

              Visit to find out more

2. CAUT: Canadian Association of University Teachers

              CAUT provides a collective voice for Academic staff across Canada

              Mount Royal, being a member of ACIFA, is also a member of CAUT

              Visit CAUT's website for more information

3. ACIFA: Alberta Colleges & Institutes Faculties Association

               It is an advocacy group that represents the faculty in Alberta Colleges regarding education issues and policy

               Visit ACIFA's Website for more information

4. GFC: General Faculites Council

              GFC is responsible for academic policy decisions within Mount Royal University. It operates within, and is a part of, the bicameral governance structure of Mount Royal.

              Visit for more information



All committe information, including descriptions, contacts, and events can be found here.

If you require further information about these committees please contact the executive assistant (6192) or contact a member of the committee. Committee member list is available here.

If you want to get involved in MRFA's committees please view the upcoming elections page to see which positions will be available in the annual Spring elections.



Please contact the MRFA Executive Assistant to have an account created for you.

Contact Information:

Phone: 403-440-6192


                   To have an account set up for you Include in your e-mail:

Name-first and last

E-mail address

Preferred Password (you will be able to change your password in the "My Account" section at any time).


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