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Current MRFA Department Communicators












 Roles and Responsibilities of Department Communicators 


The department communicator is a key role for the Mount Royal Faculty Association. Departmental Communicators are a lively and engaged group who enjoy informing their colleagues of MRFA initiatives and social events. This is an important service role.


Communicators are expected to:

1.    Attend monthly MRFA meetings (if absent, enlist someone else from the department to report back)

2.    Attend the Annual General Meeting each May.

3.    Attend two communicator brunches (one in August and one in January)

4.    Communicate findings of the MFRA meetings to the department.

5.    Read the Monday Newsletters and the Monthly Reports and communicate them to the home department.

6.    Liaise with the Communications Officer.

7.    Act as two-way communication between the department and the MRFA.

8.    Attend MRFA social and PD events where possible.

9.    Work to encourage support for the efforts of the MRFA, our collective agreement, and fellow faculty.



Department Communicators meet with the Communications Committee and members of the Executive Board twice annually. These meetings are held in August and January. All department Communicators are required to attend these meetings.



Department Communicators are expected to follow up, in a timely manner, on all communication requests received from a member of the Communications Committee or the Executive Board.

The means by which MRFA messages can best be communicated within departments is generally at the discretion of the Communicators. Should the Executive Board deem a message to the membership to be urgent, the method of communication may be prescribed by the Executive. Communicators are expected to assist with communicating requests to the best of their ability.


Communicators may occasionally be sent flyers to distribute to members. Due to the often time sensitive nature of such flyers, please put these in colleagues’ mailboxes when they are received.



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