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2012 Symposium on Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

November 8-10 in Banff, Alberta, Canada

Call for Proposals

The Institute for Scholarship of Teaching and Learning at MRU is pleased to announce the 2012 Symposium on Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Call for Proposals (CFP).

The Symposium is a practitioners conference dedicated to developing teaching and learning research, sharing nascent findings, going public with results of completed projects, and building an extended scholarly community.

Proposals will be accepted for presentation in:

- Concurrent Sessions

- Poster Session

Proposals will be accepted for posters and presentations in these categories:

- Completed teaching and learning research

- Early returns and initial findings of work in progress

- Calls for collaboration, triangulation, and development

- Innovative approaches to data gathering and analysis

- Meta-level studies and contributions to future scholarship

- Institutional/Program support and development structures

We encourage proposals from universities, colleges, institutes, organizations ... students, faculty, staff, administrators, and else anyone committed to systematic scholarly inquiry into student learning.

All proposals require a title, abstract, and bibliography and presentations may feature individual scholars, panels of scholars, and program or institutional representatives.

– an opportunity for representatives from centres, institutes, programs, societies, etc. to share work that fosters and supports teaching and learning scholarship, to expand our community and share innovations, insights, or information.
– a way for scholars to share questions, data, or circumstances that are beyond the scope of single-course-based research but could contribute to future scholarship of teaching and learning, providing a wider view of data use and collaboration;
– an “in progress” or a “going public” session focused on data gathering method and/or analytical methodology, to provide a window on new work;
– a venue for sharing research questions and very early projects in the hope of building connections with like-minded individuals, to expand scholarly capacity and the likelihood of more significant results;
– an opportunity for researchers who have completed data gathering but are still in the process of analysis to receive constructive and critical feedback, to provide initial review and thoughtful support for ongoing research;
– a “going public” session designed to share results of completed investigations, to expand the impact of compelling research results;
– This year we are pleased to include a 90-minute poster session as part of the 2012 Symposium, and hope that this will encourage even more participation by teacher/scholars and other fellow travellers committed to sharing their questions, findings, and impact (easels will be provided).
– Once again the Symposium will feature 60-minute presentation sessions by teacher/scholars from across Canada and around the world (presenters may be asked to share a session);

To submit a proposal, go to


new deadline for proposals is September 7, 2012

For more information please contact the Institute for Scholarship of Teaching and Learning at or 403.440.5503

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