Information & Resources on Evaluating Teaching


To contribute to the university's work of setting tenure and promotion criteria, TARGET (a faculty resource group sponsored by ADC) has developed a website  

for use by the university community.


"The aim of the TARGET group is to seek out, evaluate, and make available to the Mount Royal Community materials which may inform the evaluation of teaching for the purposes of professional development, summative assessment, and/or formal evaluation."


This material is available at:



Over the past three semesters, the TARGET group has collected, reviewed, and annotated materials in the following areas:

What is good teaching?

Criteria for evaluating teaching

Goals (formative, summative)

Types (peer, student, chair)

Tools (portfolios,processes, forms, OCR)

Best practices from elsewhere



The members listed below can attend meetings (upon invitation) to present their findings.  

Contact Elaine Mullen (6062 or if you would like to make use of this offer.

TARGET Members:   Margy MacMillan, Maureen Mitchell, Martin Haworth, Brian Sevick, Geoff Owens, Karen Manarin,  Allison Mackenzie, Elaine Mullen





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