IMPORTANT MESSAGE from the President and Provost & VP Acadaemic re ACCESS COPYRIGHT

Starting June 12, 2012 - Ending December 12, 2012 Expired

To All MRU Users and Members of the Board of Governors,

On April 16, 2012 the Association of Universities and Colleges Canada (AUCC) announced that it negotiated a new license agreement with Access Copyright, the copyright collective that collects copyright fees on behalf of a number of publishers and authors. After extensive review, Mount Royal University has decided not to sign the license agreement with Access Copyright. 

Along with several other Canadian Universities, Mount Royal has been operating outside of the interim tariff since September 1, 2011.  Mount Royal has determined that it is in the best interests of our students and faculty to stay the course and not sign the license. 

The reasons Mount Royal decided to stay the course include:

·     Mount Royal has existing license agreements which provide access to more than 240,000 journal and ebook titles and covering content from thousands of publishers, to support teaching and learning. 

·     The AUCC model license only permits copying of up to 10% of a work (20% in case of course packs) and only with respect to a narrow repertoire that is almost exclusively print based. Therefore, the license would not be cost effective for Mount Royal and does not eliminate the need to seek permission from copyright holders for works that are not within Access Copyright’s repertoire.

·     The imminent passing of the Bill C-11 and pending decisions from the Supreme Court of Canada regarding the scope of Fair Dealing in educational settings may serve to shift legal interpretations in a direction which could prove favourable to universities.


Copies will continue to be made under licences and permissions obtained directly from publishers and copyright holders, content from our library subscriptions, open-access content, and fair dealing provisions or educational exceptions in the Copyright Act.  Course pack production with copyright clearances will continue to be arranged through the BookStore.  For more information please refer to the University’s Policy on the Use of Copyright Material (Policy 1610), and contact the Copyright Advisor, Rebecca Cleaver, at who is available to answer any questions regarding the use of copyright material.

Mount Royal believes that this decision best serves the intellectual and financial interests of our students and faculty, and supports our commitment to academic freedom while respecting the legal rights of copyright owners.


David Docherty, PhD                                     Robin Fisher, PhD

President                                                         Provost & Vice-President, Academic


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