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Valued Members,

Employee Advantage is moving to a new website, we will now be located at

The new site will have the same look and products you enjoy from Employee Advantage, but you will notice the at home shipping with the new express option, will make receiving your order more efficient.

In order to sign up for this new website, all you will need is a new company code.


Simply go to:

www.membersadvantage.ca/login.php and enter your information under "new users" and use the company code: employee

You can then browse the products and purchase your movie tickets, West Edmonton Mall passes and this falls special event:


Members Advantage

Calgary's Monster Jam, as you normally would.






The Mount Royal Faculty Association has connected with Employee Advantage to bring you local entertainment, retail and ticket discounts to your finger tips.  You can now save BIG on many attractions, movies, and entertainment choices across Alberta…..

Order what you want, whenever you want...Your tickets are shipped right to your workplace!


We hope you enjoy the many special offers that Employee Advantage will bring you, some of which will include: Movie Tickets, Sporting Events, Live Shows, Family Events, Major Alberta Attractions and more…


This service is now provided to all members at:



To gain access to the site for the first time you will need Register at the new member sign up page, using the MRFA company code. After your initial registration, the company code will no longer be necessary, you will then use your email address and personal password (you will have to choose your own password) to log in.


The following information will be required when you register:


1) MRFA Company Code: **email Chantelle Anderson for the code**


2) Your WORK address - including department, direct phone # & floor #
 (home addresses are not necessary as orders are to be distributed internally at Mount Royal.)


3) Your email address: (your name)@mtroyal.ca


All you need to do is register onto the Employee Advantage website and place your order each week by Friday at 3:00pm. Your order will then be shipped to you at Mount Royal and distributed internally the following Wednesday (some tickets, due to event timing, may take a little longer, read product description for info).


Visit www.employeeadvantage.ca and register today!




The Employee Advantage Team




Customer Service phone 780-416-7744


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